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Psychologist Session

What to Expect

What is a Clinical Psychologist?

Clinical Psychologists apply the science of psychology to emotional and mental health problems. People sometimes ask what the difference is between a psychiatrist and a clinical psychologist. Psychiatrists are first and foremost trained in medicine and the biological bases for mental health problems. They are qualified to prescribe medication for mental health difficulties. Clinical psychologists have in depth training in psychology, assessing and understanding psychological problems and delivering therapy. They are not able to prescribe medication. 

For more information about clinical psychology please see the British Psychological Society website here.

Initial Contact

Please contact Kate via email or telephone to arrange an appointment. Kate also offers a free, initial, 15 minute telephone conversation to help you decide whether seeing a clinical psychologist would be helpful for you. Sometimes there are other, non-clinical services that could help you too.


Following assessment, Kate will discuss with you the different therapy options given her understanding of your difficulties.She will then tailor her therapy and style for the best approach for you. Kate is able to offer a range of treatment approaches but at the heart of this is a collaborative and equal partnership with each client.Kate will seek regular feedback during therapy to ensure she is being as helpful as possible.


In sessions, Kate and you will often identify a task, relevant to the discussion that week, which you could do between sessions. For want of a better word this is often called 'homework' and time is set aside to discuss this at the beginning of each session. Therapy sessions are only 50 minutes long so homework is an important part of treatment and will enable you to get the most out of therapy.


All information discussed as part of your treatment is treated with the upmost care in order to maintain confidentiality. In this regard Kate is bound by the professional ethics of the British Psychological Society. Kate is also registered with the Information Commissioner's Office and abides by the rules of GDPR. You can download Kate's Privacy Policy here.

Your First Appointment

Your first appointment is an opportunity for you and Kate to meet and talk about your current difficulties. She will also ask some background information about your life relationships and you as a person. You will also be able to ask any questions you might have. By the end of the appointment Kate will be able to share her initial thoughts about the best way forward for you. Some people then like to go away and think about the appointment before deciding to make another, or you can make a follow up appointment there and then. There is no obligation to book any further visits. Depending on the nature of your difficulties, 1-3 sessions may be needed for a thorough assessment resulting in a psychological formulation (an understanding of your difficulties).

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