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I am an experienced clinical psychologist offering general adult mental health services face-to-face in Gloucestershire and online. I also have specialisms in cosmetic surgery assessment, Long Covid and ‘Boarding School Syndrome’.

I provide psychological assessments prior to cosmetic surgical procedures. These include, but are not limited to, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation/reduction, abdominoplasty, brachiaplasty and labiaplasty.


I offer psychological assessment and intervention for the whole range of adult mental health conditions, including more general issues such as dissatisfaction in relationships, low self-esteem, overeating and shyness. I have particular expertise in working with people with multiple difficulties.


I offer support and psychological intervention to help people living with Long Covid. I have personal experience of the condition and really understand the challenges and the recovery process.


I have a special interest in the long term impact of attending boarding school. I see people who particularly want to focus on this part of their lives, process difficult memories and change ways of coping that they learnt at school, and which no longer serve them.

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